Governing Body:

Mount Olive College is managed and looked after by a well – composed Governing Body.

The college is having a well composed Governing Body as pre University Rules with 15 (Fifteen) members headed by a Chairman. The members are drawn from the cross section of various Governmental and non-governmental departments who are well known for their works and contributions either as Educationists or as Administrators.


Governing Body is the highest policy making agency for the college

College Governing Body(Core-Group):

The Governing Body (Core-Group) of the college is composed of 10 (Ten) members headed by the Chairman. It is Governing Body (Core-Group) which is authorized to hold the meetings as and when need arises for management of the college because the Board cannot sit very often for the routine work.

20               NSS Camping

NSS college participants were recently on a camping to a picturesque destination...

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