Round Border :

Symbolizes strong unity well protected from all evils, an unmistaken identity and integrity.

Three Leaves (Green) :

The three leaves represent the institution (College) which came into being as an outcome of a growing church (i) Local Mission (ii) Women Mission (iii) Youth Mission. The three leaves also symbolize the essence of divine guidance God the father, God the son, and God the Holy spirit in all its disciplines. It also symbolize its readiness to move “Onward” and grow “Upward”.

Signifying the Motto of the College :

“Onward and Upward”

Blue Colour (Water) :

Symbolizes Ocean of Knowledge.

Book (White) :

The book in the centre of the emblem symbolizes “Centre of learning, purity & wisdom”.

Mountain (Dark brown) :

Represents Mount Olive the mountain that stands out clearly among others after which the College is named. It symbolizes Boldness, Firmness, Courage and Liberty to do anything that serves the society for its progress.

Sun Rays (light orange) :

Symbolizing ray of hope all around.

260Students Activities

National Service Scheme(NSS), under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, the students of Mount Olive College actively carries out their services to the society...

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