Youth Red Cross:

The Youth Red Cross is an integral part of the Indian Red Cross Society. Desirous Students of the college may be the members of the Youth Red Cross Committee of the College. Its object is to inculcate students the idea and profile of humanitarian service specially in relation to the care of their own health and that of others.

NCC - Girls:

Mount Olive College has NCC wing for the Girls only. Participation of the girls is quite satisfactory and they are active in various activities like blood donation, social services, etc.

National Social Service(NSS):

The understanding in acceptance of civic responsibility and the maintenance of spirit of friendliness towards other people of all over the country. Mount Olive College prudently believes in such civic values and provides opportunities to develop it among the students through the Youth Red Cross and NSS.

20New Academic Buildings

Construction of few new academics buiildings is going on in full swing...

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